AUCTION…you could run an auction to help raise funds for us or even just donate some items that we could auction off.

ABSEILING..if you’re feeling brave you could do a sponsored abseil for us.

ART EXHIBITIONS…could you host an art exhibition evening to raise funds for us? We can provide collection tins and help publicise your event on our website and Facebook page.

ADOPTIONS….. for as little as £10 you could sponsor one of our horses, more details can be found on our web site

BIKE RIDE…a sponsored bike ride is a great way of raising funds and getting others involved.

BRIDGE or BINGO EVENING…organising a bridge evening is a fun way to raise funds for us.

BBQ…who doesn’t love a barbeque? You can raise money and get others involved this way, plus you could have stalls, games and events at your barbeque which all help to raise valuable money to help our horses, ponies and donkeys.

BARN DANCE… you could organise a barn dance to raise money for us or if you know of a dance group local to you who might be interested in hosting a dance event for us please get in touch.

BOOT SALES or BRING and BUY SALES or BOOK SALES … are good fund raisers and ways of clearing unwanted goods

COLLECTING TINS … please request one and place it in your local shop or saddlers.

CRAFT FAIR…a great fundraiser and a fun day out for all ages.

CAR WASHING… a car wash can help raise valuable funds for us and is a great activity to get your friends and family involved in.

COFFEE MORNINGS … make a welcome gathering and help get others involved.

DEDICATED SHOW CLASS or DOG AGILITY or DOG SHOW… if you are running a show you could dedicate a class to us, let us know and we can provide some collection tins for you.

DONATIONS … as always, help us to continue funding the work and to boost our annual income and pay for emergency treatments.

View Donations Page

EDUCATE … by imparting knowledge to people to help them look after horses and ponies in the correct manner so as to avoid any suffering, this is part of our work.

ENDURANCE…you could do a sponsored endurance ride, get other riders involved. Information on how to arrange sponsored rides is on our ‘Fundraise for Us‘ Page.

FETE… a great fundraiser and a fun day out for all ages.

FOOTBALL MATCH… why not arrange a charity football match for us with your local club or school.

FRIENDS OF THE HORSE RESCUE FUND … join us and volunteer to become a member of our group. A small group of volunteers offering their time and individual skills when and where they can, at our Annual Open Show for example.

GIFT AID…Remember to tick the Gift Aid box on our membership and donation forms so we can reclaim some of the money back on your donations.

GIVING… donate your unwanted gifts or items that we could use on the yard, sell to raise funds or use as tombola prizes.

HEAD SHAVE…a sponsored head shave can be a great way to raise funds and get people interested, so it can help us with valuable funding and help to publicise what we do.

HOMES… We are always looking for homes for our equines so please if you can offer a home or tell your friends to look on the web site or call us to see if we have anything suitable for them. The more people you tell then the more good homes we can find.

IDEAS… We always need more ideas for fundraising

JUMBLE SALES… again help to organise a local sale to raise funds and awareness.

KARAOKE…a fun way to raise money, get your friends involved and have a good time helping our horses.

KINDNESS… to all the horses you ever encounter so that they may no longer suffer and cruelty at the hand of man.

LEGACY… remember us in a legacy and know that you will have helped care for all our rescued equines with your kindness. To see our Legacy page for details

View Legacies

MEMBERSHIP…to go to our membership page

View Membership

MOBILE PHONES… can be recycled and raise money for us. Send a SAE to Woodstock Farm and we will send you the proper envelopes to send them off.

MARATHON… you could enter a marathon and get sponsored to raise funds for us.

NUMBERS… Can you spread the word of the work done here and raise our supporter numbers, more people need to know about us.

NON-UNIFORM DAY…your children can get involved too, why not see if their school would like to have a non-uniform day to raise money for us.

OPEN HORSE SHOW… look out for details of this years ANNUAL OPEN HORSE SHOW this being one of our largest and most popular fund raising events, everyone is welcome. You can bring your horse or pony along to enter our classes or just come for a great day out as a spectator. We always appreciate help from volunteers too at our biggest fundraiser of the year.

PARACUTE JUMP…ever fancied doing a parachute jump for a good cause? Well please scroll down this page to ‘S’ where you can find out how to raise money by doing sponsored Sky-diving.

PET SHOW…you could host a pet show to raise money, if you don’t have the space or means to arrange one online shows are becoming ever more popular. Email us for more information.

QUIZ NIGHT … a popular event for all the family and friends.

RECYCLED PRINTER CARTRIDGES…send us your old cartridges and we can send them to be recycled.

RAFFLE PRIZES… We always welcome items that we can raffle at our Horse Show. They can be handed in on the day or left at the yard just call ahead to arrange a time.

RIDING COMPETITIONS… you could arrange a competition at your livery yard or riding school, gymkhana games and clear round show jumping are always a fun way to bring the yard together and raise money at the same time.

SPONSOR one of our horses.

SPONSORED RIDES or WALKS… great fun for all of those with horses or on foot, details can be found on our web site about how you can organise your own.

SPONSORED RAGWORT PULL… a great way to make a dull task more fun and raise money at the same time.

SCHOOL COMPETITIONS…your children can get involved, see if their school would like to hold any competitions to raise money for us e.g. baking contest, fancy dress or school sports day.

SKYDIVE…there is a great charity who will enable you to raise money for the Horse Rescue Fund by doing a sponsored skydive.

Download Skydive Form

TOMBOLA…we are always grateful for donated tombola prizes.

TALENT CONTEST…another fun way to raise money.

TREASURE HUNT…on or off horseback this is a great way to get people involved and can be great fun for everyone.

UNWANTED ITEMS…please donate your unwanted gifts or reusable/saleable items and we can either use them on our yard or sell them to raise money; all items considered horsey and non-horsey.

VINTAGE CAR or TRACTOR RALLY…you could host a rally to raise money for us or if you own a vintage car or tractor you could attend a rally, we can provide you with collection tins, posters and information about us. Please contact us for more details.

VOLUNTEERS…are always needed to go out and help with our tin rattling as well as other events we organise throughout the year.

View Volunteer Page

WHEELBARROWS…are always needed on the yard, if you have one spare that you could donate to use it could be a great help in the day to day running of the yard.

XMAS CARDS… last few available to purchase. If you have one of our horses on loan and have any good festive shots please send them to us and they could be our next Xmas card!

Download Xmas Card Form

YULE TIDE… please remember us at Christmas and help us provide extra treats at this time. We also have our winter hay appeal a donation of just £25 buys a bale of hay for our horses.

ZZzzzzz …Sleep at the end of a busy day!!.