Horse Rescue Fund

Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of
Horses, Donkeys and Ponies found to be in distress.

Worried about a horse? Please call: 07793 582361

Our Mission

The main aim of the Horse Rescue Fund is to alleviate the suffering of any
 ill-treated or neglected equines, bring them back to health and, if possible, back into work. We then rehome them, on loan, in approved homes.

We never sell our rescued horses but we do most firmly believe that they are more content and happier leading a fulfilled life, with individual care and attention in a private home.

We have many horses, ponies and donkeys out in adoptive homes, with more to follow in their footsteps at present under rehabilitation at Woodstock Farm.

Many of our horses have gone on to have happy lives and compete successfully in many disciplines both locally and nationally. Quite often spectators do not even realize that they are watching rescued horses who have had a poor and often traumatic earlier life.

Please help us to continue this valuable work if you can by offering a home to an equine, by sponsoring one of our residents, by becoming a member, or helping us raise funds through regular donations and fundraising events or even consider leaving us a legacy in your will.