Why rehome from us

There are many benefits of having a new horse or pony on loan from the Horse Rescue Fund over buying, here are some of them.

  • All of the equines will have spent time being handled/ridden by staff during their period of rehabilitation so we will be able to give you detailed information about them, their temperament, abilities, individual needs or quirks. You will have a detailed knowledge of any minor ailments or special requirements that equine may require.
  • You are helping other horses, by giving a home to one of our equines you are making space for other equines in need.
  • There is help, advice and support from our staff 24 hours a day by email, phone or during visits if you have any problems or need advice.
  • You have a safety net. If the equine you have taken on loan proves to be unsuitable for any reason (although every care is taken to match you both), or your circumstances change, they can be returned, but ideally we would like to re-home them for life. Should a child outgrow a pony then if you decide to return them you can be assured that we will find another loving home for him or her.
  • It is a rewarding experience in many ways, as you are giving a horse a second chance in life, a loving home and a 'one-to-one' partnership

How It Works

Please visit the “Horses for Rehoming” page on this website. Then click on the photo of each equine to find out more details. When you have decided on the equine you would like to loan please click on the round “Loan” button to go to the online loan form.

You must have knowledge, some experience and understanding of equines and be over 18 years old.

We will assess your application and when we have a suitable equine for you we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will hold your details on file should we not have anything suitable at the time of application unless you ask us not to.

When we have a suitable match we will invite you to the yard to meet the horse or pony. If you wish to rehome a companion horse or pony you may only need to visit once and during the visit we will ask you to handle the horse and groom them. Anyone who wishes to rehome a ridden horse or pony is asked to come to our yard and ride him/her for several weeks to make sure that the equine is suitable and the partnership will work. Approved hats, gloves and suitable footwear must be worn by everyone wishing to ride.

Next a member of staff will arrange a home visit to see where you intend to keep the horse and check that it is suitable and safe.

Once you have successfully completed these steps and are ready to take the horse home we will ask you to collect them, but in exceptional circumstances we can deliver them providing you cover the cost of transportation. We will provide you with their passport and details of their worming, vaccinations and last trim or shoeing.

To make sure that our horses are happy in their new home one of our staff members will come to visit, initially after six weeks, and then at regular intervals to see how you are both getting on. There may be times when these visits are unannounced.

As we are a small organisation we can only rehome our equines within an 80 mile radius of Toft Monks, Beccles, Norfolk, NR34 0EH.

Once your application is successful and prior to you taking the horse or pony we will ask you to sign a loan agreement laying down the conditions of the loan. This is devised to safeguard both parties.

A minimum of third party liability insurance must be taken out for any equine that you rehome from us.

As the costs of rehabilitation are constantly rising we ask for a one-off non refundable rehoming fee for each horse which you will be informed of on application.

We also ask that you pay an annual membership fee or a single life member payment.

If you have any questions then please contact us on 01502 679191 and we will be happy to help.

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