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The Horse Rescue Fund relies on your donations to continue to rescue and rehabilitate equines in distress and to provide a safe and secure future for them.

Please choose an amount below to pay for your membership or donate to us to help us continue our life saving work.

Buys a bag of carrots.

Buys a bag of bedding.

Buys a bag of feed.

Buys drugs for one of our horses for a week.

Buys family membership for a year.

Buys a bale of hay.

Buys you a life membership and buys our horses enough hay for over two weeks!

Choose how much you would like to donate to us.

If you wish to set up a regular standing order then please download the form below.

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We do an annual appeal, to read about that please go to our News page here.

You may wish to consider leaving us a legacy in your Will, for more details please go to our Legacy page here

We offer the facility for you to donate by credit card via Paypal. Other ways in which you can donate are by: Cheque- Please make cheques payable to ‘Horse Rescue Fund’. Online Banking – Contact us for bank details and use Ref: Surname + D.