Sponsor my Rehabilitation- Crackers Story 

Cracker is an ex-racehorse who came to us in 2022, he had been retried from racing for a few years and even served time at the racing school before being sidelined to a field with another ex-racehorse due to becoming very unhappy being ridden at the racing school. The owners turned them away and hoped to find them homes eventually, but when ill health struck, they were stuck with two large horses and no way of caring for them long term.  

The horse Rescue Fund were asked to take them in, despite being full at the time, it was concluded that the only other option would be euthanasia of these two young horses. Only once they were with us, did we realise what a long journey their rehab was going to be. 

All horses coming in have to go through 3 weeks of isolation- luckily for Cracker he came in with his friend, so they were isolated together. Cracker then met our vet for vet visit number 1- general check over and bloods taken for strangles testing, vaccinations were restarted as they had been allowed to lapse.  

Once these bloods came back clear Cracker was allowed onto the yard to be socialised with others. His handling was assessed, and he had visits from the farrier, as his foot balance (or lack of it!) was causing some of his muscular discomfort. He then had his first of many visits from our veterinary physiotherapist, Cracker was sore all over and using himself wrongly an exercise plan was made up and staff carried out in hand work over poles and passive stretches every day.  

Cracker then had a visit from our dentist, follow up physio visits and is seeing the farrier regularly. He has also had another vet visit to treat a bad case of mud fever that he came in with that was not healing this required antibiotics, and creams. Then, two further vet visits for 2nd and 3rd vaccinations. Cracker is now on good quality feed ensuring he gets all the vitamins and minerals required to boost his immune system that is a bit compromised, along with supplements to help his gut and boost his immune system to help him. He is also on ad-lib good quality hay to ensure he is always full as he would be prone to ulcers. 

We are now working Cracker on the lunge and walking out in hand to improve his strength before getting back on him, rushing at this stage would not be beneficial for his soundness. Soon he will have the saddle fitter out and then we can get him ridden and hopefully rehome him! 

To get to this point Cracker has been looked after by a team of HRF staff, vets, farriers, dentist, physiotherapists, saddle fitters and lots of time- to say nothing of feeding, worming, bedding- the list   goes on. It is expensive but it will all be worth it when he finds a forever loving home. Unfortunately all of our costs to get a horse like Cracker who is a relatively ‘well’ horse for us to take in, to the point of rehoming  have gone up – in order for us to continue to be able to help horses like Cracker we are asking you to ‘Sponsor My Rehab’ and be a part of helping these horses onward to their happy lives ahead. To find out more please email info@horserescuefund.org.uk